Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prayer = Real Christians

Yes, I know... we are talking about prayer again.  However, it must be discussed because it is essential for where the Holy Spirit is leading us in our hunger and search to be genuine in our daily lives for Jesus Christ!  Last Sunday, Pastor Dillon said something during the morning sermon at TCN that really caused the Holy Spirit to press upon me the need to talk to you guys about prayer this week.  Pastor Dillon mentioned that part of the beautiful role of the older generations of the Church is to pass down to you younger generations the habits of an intimate and dynamic prayer life.  But then the question is presented... Do we even know the power of prayer... or do we refrain from praying because we don't know how to?

So with all of this in mind, I strongly feel as if God is telling me that we need to first understand why we pray... and then we need to know how to pray.  Here is the reality of all of this... Prayer = Growth.  In other words, the ONLY way that we can grow in God and the ONLY way that we can cast off the "sin that so easily wraps us up and distracts us" is to develop a daily prayer life with our God! 

So how often do you pray?  What do your prayers consist of?  Do you pray just to mark it off your check-list?  Or is your prayer time with God something that you NEED in order to keep your hunger for knowing Him more and more?

Join us tomorrow night, Wednesday, at IGNITE @ TCN, 6:30pm... as we will be discussing the NEED for prayer in the lives of real and genuine Christians.  Prepare your minds and your hearts as we read from 2 Chornicles 7:13-15 and Matthew 6:5-13.  I look forward to seeing you there!

You are loved!

Pastor A.J.
Student Ministries Pastor, Tidewater Central Nazarene

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